One of the most important driving tools at your disposal is your suite of indicator lights you can find on the dashboard of your Ford in Culpeper. These lights bring you important info about the performances of your various system in your Ford; including when certain features are being engaged and warning signals when you're having problems with a system. You should always do your best to stay aware of what these lights mean and how you can fix the problem they are indicating. The team at Battlefield Ford Culpeper, your Ford dealer in VA, wants you to know what these lights mean so you can keep up with the health of your Ford model.

ABS Warning Light

When your ABS light turns on, it is a sign that your Anti-lock Brake computer should be analyzed. Bring your vehicle into our factory-trained service staff at Battlefield Ford Culpeper, your Ford dealer in VA, and get your brakes examined.

Battery Light

This light will turn on when it senses that the voltage of your battery is low, which probably means that it is not charging how it should charge. Examine your battery's terminals as well as the actual battery itself, and if you can't locate the issue, then bring your model into the Battlefield Ford Culpeper service center.

Braking System

If your parking brake is engaged when your vehicle is running, this light will be on. If you happen to see this light when you're driving your vehicle, then check to see if your parking brake is engaged. If your parking brake is not engaged, then your brake fluid might be too low or your brakes could be having other problems.

Coolant Temperature Warning

If your Ford starts to overheat, then this signal will appear. If your Ford overheats, it can lead to a number of problems and could possibly be a sign that your vehicle is low on coolant fluid. This could also be a sign that the radiator or fan is having issues.

Oil Pressure Warning System

When your oil gets too low or nears empty, then this light will populate your dashboard. Low oil can cause serious engine problems, so bring it into our service department at your Ford dealer in VA, Battlefield Ford Culpeper, and get your oil checked and renewed if needed.

These lights are just a small portion of the many indicator lights that you can find in the dashboard of your Ford model. If these lights turn on, bring your model into your Ford dealer in VA, Battlefield Ford Culpeper, and let our service staff help you out.


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